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Black Mom Chronicles and The Conscious Mom Hub announce the launch of “What’s in a Name” by Karabo Mokoena

June 21, 2024 — Today, Black Mom Chronicles and The Conscious Mom Hub proudly announce the release of “What’s in a Name,” a new children’s e-book by renowned mommy blogger, parenting conversationalist, and podcaster Karabo Mokoena. The e-book, beautifully illustrated by Lutendo Muthala, is now available for download.

“What’s in a Name” explores the richness of South African names, delving into their meanings and the powerful statement of identity they represent. Inspired by the profound affirmation “I am,” the book emphasises the significance of names as a reflection of our inherent value and the love our parents have for us.

Karabo Mokoena, the founder of The Conscious Mom Hub and creator of the popular Black Mom Chronicles, brings her understanding of parenting and cultural heritage to this compelling work. Her passion for storytelling and her dedication to celebrating identity shines through in this thoughtfully crafted e-book.

“My own name is a reminder that I am an answered prayer and as a mom and storyteller, I wanted to create something that honours our names and the beautiful stories behind them,” said Karabo Mokoena. “Our names are powerful reminders of who we are and where we come from. ‘What’s in a Name’ is a celebration of that legacy.”

The Conscious Mom Hub is dedicated to providing resources and support for mothers, fostering a community where parenting is celebrated and cultural heritage is honoured. The release of “What’s in a Name” marks a significant addition to the Hub’s mission of promoting conscious parenting and identity awareness.

Readers can now download “What’s in a Name” from The Black Mom Chronicles’ website and major e-book platforms soon.

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About Karabo Mokoena: Karabo Mokoena is a respected mommy blogger, parenting conversationalist, and podcaster known for her work at Black Mom Chronicles. Through her writing and podcast, she shares insights on parenting, trauma and healing, and the experiences of Black mothers, building a supportive and informed community.

About Lutendo Muthala: Lutendo Muthala is an exceptional illustrator whose vibrant artwork brings stories to life. His illustrations for “What’s in a Name” capture the essence and beauty of South African names and the affirmations they carry.

The Conscious Mom Hub: The Conscious Mom Hub is a new platform created by Karabo Mokoena dedicated to empowering mothers through resources, support, and community, promoting conscious parenting and maternal mental health.