In true Jozi style, I got a taxi to Maboneng from Randburg and passed through the Central Business District (CBD) to the Central Art District (CAD); Maboneng Precinct, Fox Street. I was the last person in the taxi by the MTN Taxi Rank, and the driver asked me why ‘we’ love Maboneng so much. I did not have a response for him. I have been there a few times but could not say it was one of my favourite spots in Joburg, until now. 

Myself and my sister at the Maboneng Precinct.

Maboneng is so ALIVE! 

I was so excited to receive an invitation from my new family, stationery and crafts store, PNA. They were celebrating their 30th birthday and wanted to give back too. The celebration was on 29 October and the Creative Art Fair was taking place on the same day, and man-oh-man did they add some life and colour to the district. 

Art took shape in many different forms throughout the day as local artists commissioned by the Maboneng Precinct painted concrete posts in Fox Street in bright and colourful tones. 


Pillar Art by Dbongz at the Maboneng Precinct

Pillar Art by Black Mabutho at the Maboneng Precinct

The creation of the interactive Colour Your World Mural was in collaboration with resident Jozi artists, Cerbastian DavidsDBongz and Black Mabutho, in the Maboneng area.  

Colour World Wall Mural by PNA and commissioned artists

It was a day to colour Maboneng Precinct with PNA, and everyone participated.

I checked out the rest of the street and not only was it packed with jovial people and cameras to capture the joy, but the art was everywhere and it was beautiful.

This was a great way not only to spend my day but also celebrate a business that is as young as I am. 

From crayons to contracts with the occasional mural painting now and again! Happy birthday, PNA.