As the year drew to a close, my family and I received a lovely box from Local Village Foods. Food forms a key part of one’s history, currency and future. Local Village Foods pride itself on helping people celebrate their African tradition through learning and using uniquely African foods.

To help us learn more about the African Harvest, we received literature detailing the different fruits, vegetables and grains found in the African harvest. These books can be purchased from their website.


Local Village Foods Literature

Did you know that sour figs originate in South Africa?

I remember how we sat under that tree back home in the Vaal as a kid eating one after the other. I can also recall my Rakgadi’s fig jam. Fire.

Raising a child in suburban South Africa is a different reality for a girl that grew up sitting under peach and grape trees. We were sustained by foods we picked from the garden that Rakgadi watered and kept with love.

Local Village Foods sources a rich variety of indigenous African ingredients from North to West Africa, East to Southern Africa.

We (my husband) tried the Moringa Fussili Pasta recipe we got from them. We gravitated towards this because the Moringa drink was a go-to at some point in our aspirations to live healthily. We love the antibacterial properties known to be found in the moringa plant.


Moringa Fussili Pasta

All I can say about the recipe is that it got “hmm yummy in my tummy” from our 4-year-old daughter Tshimo.

So, Moringa Pasta for the win!

Local Village Foods has a product range found from different and convenient stockists.

To start with, I would highly recommend the zesty bars. They did taste like little fairies in our mouths. It’s like this magical combination of baobab, mango and a lot of joy.

Local Village Foods

The Zesty Bars from Local Village Foods.