Today, I had the honour of being part of a wonderful conversation with Lynne Huysamen from Kaboutjie and Ferhensha Gopi from Barely Parenting to discuss Moms United Against Racism. This was on racism and children.

The conversation centred around why we need to have more conversations around race, how to have those conversations with our kids and what we need to do as adults to curb the racism that exists in our society, for the sake of our children

A conversation around race between three moms of different racial backgrounds who are honest enough about their experiences can shed some wonderful light on what it means to be a mom against racism. Here, we talk about the practical everyday things we can do to shape the future for out children, living in a world where the colour of their skin is more valuable than their humanity.

The answer for us all is love.

We need to be and show what love for others looks like in how we interact with each other and how we also talk about each other in our private spaces.

Ferhensha notes an important point about how we don’t even need to tell them. We can show them because they are right besides us, experiencing life as we all live it.

Watch the full video below