Conscious Parenting requires a gentleness that is not a norm in black communities. However, can we create an environment that allows us to parent our children consciously, despite our traumas and childhood experiences.

In this live conversation, gentle moms Karabo Mokoena and Gaopalelwe talk about the concept of Conscious Parenting. They have dedicated a large part of their platforms to sharing their motherhood journeys, especially how they have chosen to seek alternative ways of parenting their own children, different to what they knew to be parenting.

The two openly share their truths about their childhoods, opening themselves to vulnerability with their audience to better make sense of why they have chosen to be  the kind of parents they are growing into.

They discuss what the concept means for them, how they got introduced to it and how it is playing out in their home.

This is a pilot episode to an exciting project that Gao and Karabo are working on, and are both super excited to share with their audience.

Please share and engage with the live. This duo is kickstarting this project to try and educate as many black parents as possible because they both believe that black children also deserve connection.

Watch full video here:

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