WATCH: My birth video: A natural-vaginal delivery (NVD)

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November 19, 2020
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WATCH: My birth video: A natural-vaginal delivery (NVD)

My natural-vaginal delivery (NVD) birth video

My natural-vaginal delivery (NVD) birth video. Image: Youtube Screenshot

This birth video is almost three years old, but I still watch it till this day because it still remains a big part of my parenting journey. I chose to have a natural-vaginal delivery with no medical intervention because I needed to FEEL.

And I felt every contraction and every push, and it was amazing.

The video is on over 200K views on Youtube and was featured on Netflix, Sex Explained, which always make me feel proud of making the decision to record it in the first place.

Hope it will make a mommy-to-be confident in their journey, knowing that if little ol’ Karabo can do it, so can she.

Watch the full video below:

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