Raising a black  conscious child child in South Africa may be a challenge, considering our history. This is why it has to be an intentional endeavour, ensuring that  we are having the right conversations, answering the right questions and offering the right content.

We live in a digital age and our children can be bombarded with messaging and content that makes them feel like they may not be enough. According to Khumo Tapfumaneyi of EthniKids said “if you are not actively intercepting that messaging and affirming your child what happen?”. You are allowing social and mainstream media to teach them who they are. It is not always a good thing.

It is crucial to make sure that as soon as they can become race conscious, which happens very early in their lives (as discussed in the video attached) one should be in the know with regards to what to do and how to do it.

The conversation on raising black conscious children

I had the pleasure of chatting to three people that are doing the Lord’s work. Toys with Roots and EthniKids have created a platform for people to access content that promotes the black identity and diversity.

EthniKids is an online bookstore, selling self-published authors and authors that are selling books that tell the story of the young black girl and boy. They have afforded untold stories to enter the homes of millions of families. They are also making sure that young girls and boys can see themselves in the stories that they read.

Toys with Roots also provides a single platform to access all things black and African. From books, toys, bags, puzzles, crayons etc.

The Lord’s work I tell you.

This might be the best 90 minutes you could ever invest in your parenting journey as a parent of colour.

Watch the full video below: