The Colour Me Kids Crayons

Once in a while, the market will introduce a product that is not only necessary but also revolutionary. 

When the Colour Me Crayons were first introduced to me via a link I received from a colleague, my heart jumped for joy. The rising conversations around colour and identity inspired a group of individuals to create crayons that children could use to suit their skin colour. 

I had the pleasure of receiving these crayons from my friends at Eco Mom and I am as impressed as the day I was when I first learned about them. 

Gone are the days where brown skin girls don’t play with dolls that look like them. And now, gone are the days where they colour people in shades that don’t reflect their skin colour. 

These are not only for brown skin girls, as the box contains 12 shades of crayons to suit different skin colours. 

Here some interesting facts on the crayons:

  • 12 non-toxic skin colour crayons
  • Conforms to international testing standards
  • Triangular shape and optimal size to develop the correct pencil grip
  • 5% of the profits from your purchase goes towards educating underprivileged children in South Africa

My daughter is at an age where she loves colouring, and I was taken by the “wow mommy’ that I got when she first saw them. 

We are both very impressed with these and can recommend them to any parent who is open to teaching their kids about diversity. 

Plus, you can get them for R40 from Eco Mom

Colour Me Kids Crayons