The biggest thing this lockdown has proved is how unequal our country and our world is. We are getting to see what “hand to mouth” really looks like.

If people did not lose their jobs because their bosses had to close the shop, they had to take salary cuts or take involuntary leave days for the duration of the lockdown (no one knows how long the lockdown will be)

It’s a s@$%t show all around.

I saw the guy that takes our rubbish from the bins a day before the lockdown started and asked him if he is “essential services” and he laughed in my face. Not to disrespect me, but to somehow say “me, really?”. Those guys work for next to nothing and need the daily money they get from that hard work to feed themselves and their families.

Then I thought about the guys that wash our car every weekend. What are they using to buy food every day during this lockdown?

I even started wondering about the guy that helps us park our car at the shopping centres. That R2 we give them when we reverse makes a huge difference in their lives. They don’t have hundreds of cars coming and staying now. Now, people are in and out. And they don’t see why they have to give him R2 cause they were in the store for 2 minutes.

So, next time you want to complain about how you are running out of series to watch, or how ridiculously slow your wifi is, DON’T.

And I am not saying you should be satisfied with mediocrity (based on your standards), but don’t complain about having any shoes to someone with no legs.

For those that don’t have to stress about feeding their families, “count your many blessings, name them one by one, then it will surprise you what the Lord has done” in your life.

It is a privilege right now to have a home, a family, health, being able to put bread on the table and survive.