I am biased when it comes to my choice of nappy cream because I was introduced to Eco Mom’s Bytjie Salf Baby Balm at a time where my daughter was very young and experiencing her first nappy rash. It looked like a burn, with sores and was very itchy and uncomfortable. I could not bear imagining what she was feeling. I then had a chat with someone that recommended I use this brand. I am not exaggerating, but her rash was gone within three days after I struggled with it for over a week.

What causes a nappy rash?

-Prolonged exposure to urine and stool
-Using antibiotics
-Introduction to new foods
-Yeast infection
-Rubbing due to tight diapers
-Irritation caused my new product use

I opted using it because it was a natural option in comparison to what I was using at the time. I knew it wasn’t the products I was using that caused i. But it was important for me to find a product that will heal her, and not make the rash worse.

The Bytjie Salf Baby Balm is made with Beeswax and Olive Oil. It also has healing propolis, lavender, and tea tree.

Propolis is an anti-inflammatory that acts as an antifungal. Her nappy rash was gone in within three days because the propolis speeds up healing. Not only does it heal wounds, but it also fights bacteria. Tea tree also contains antioxidants.


Bytjie Salf Baby Balm

Why do you need a bum cream?

The primary purpose of nappy cream is to prevent nappy rash. It creates a barrier on the baby’s bum so that the urine and stool do not cause irritation that may lead to a rash. This is why prolonged exposure to pee may lead to aa rash. The barrier would inevitably be broken and there is nothing to protect the baby from getting nappy rash.

So, instead of alleviating what is sometimes a very sore rash, one should rather prevent it.

This is why I have opted to permanently use the Bytjie Salf Baby Balm. Not only does it heal the rash, but it also prevents future occurrences if used accordingly.

It’s also a multipurpose balm.

-Relieves minor bites and itches
-Relieves cradle cap
-Cracked nipples
-Helps with wrinkles
-Body moisturizer


Bytjie Salf Baby Balm

Bytjie Salf Baby Balm

Don’t we just love multi-usage products 😉

You can purchase a 125 ml tub for R145 from Eco Mom Sa.