“Germs are invisible, but they don’t have to be deadly.”

As a mom, I don’t think I was every prepared, nor ready for toddlerhood. This is the age where my 2 year touches and plays with EVERYTHING. I am always mind blown at how ridiculously filthy she is after playtime. I almost cannot recognize the items she is wearing because they are covered in soil. What is also soiled are her hands and legs. Then her hands touch her face and go to her mouth and then I get into panic mode.




The bane of our lives as protective moms. If only we could wrap our little ones in plastic so that we don’t have to worry about what germs they are picking up throughout the day.

What I don’t want to become is the bane of her existence. The mommy that screams ‘NO’ every time she touches something she shouldn’t. I want her to explore as much as she wants and fulfill her curiosity. I want to ensure that her development is not hindered at all.

This is why Lifebuoy is such an essential part of our hygiene routine.

Tshimo hates seeing dirt on her hands. She would bring her hands to me with a face of disgust and say “mommy, wash”. The routine is: apply a few drops of Lifebuoy hand wash on her hands, allow her to rub her hands together and open the tap whilst she rubs. It is so much fun.

We are also potty training at the moment and she loves standing by the basin after flushing the toilet to wash those tiny hands. Plus, she is obsessed with flushing the toilet after we use it. Yes, we are not allowed to flush our own toilet after using it. This makes her very upset.

What I was NOT prepared for is her jumping in and out of the actual toilet.



What does one do?

Put her in the bin?

Nope, just use the world’s number one selling antibacterial soap, Lifebuoy.

Today is Global Hand Washing Day.

Global Handwashing Day aims to raise awareness on the importance of washing hands with soap as a key approach to disease prevention. The 15 October is dedicated to Global Handwashing advocacy, and to mobilize individuals, households, schools, and health establishments, on handwashing and hygiene as a proven intervention to curb life-threatening preventable diseases, such as diarrhea in children.



We cannot protect our children at all times, but we can do our best to be prepared to protect them from germs.

Lifebuoy gives parents useful tips to fight germs, and amongst them are keeping your newborn close to you, ensuring that your house is clean, avoiding crowded places, smart sterilizing your milk bottles and washing your baby’s clothes separately.

Hygiene can seem like mission impossible, but some tips are very practical and attainable.

We are getting into the routine of washing hands before and after meals, after using the toilet and after playtime. It might seem tedious, but it is very necessary.


So let us celebrate Global Handwashing Day by ensuring that we are actively teaching our children hygiene and making sure that they are regularly washing their hands.

Germs are invisible, but they don’t have to be deadly.