“They, therefore, used a delicate and soft resource to formulate a wash and lotion meant for delicate and soft skin.”

The guys over at Johnson’s Baby thought of me 2 weeks ago and sent through such a cute package for me and Tshimo. The package was mostly for Tshimo, but I would also like to feel special. They sent us their newest range of bath products.


Johnson's CottonTouch Range

Johnson’s CottonTouch Range

As a first time mom for almost 2 years, I get excited to see new products coming out for our little ones. Parents sometimes might feel bombarded, but it is important to have options. The baby market led me straight to the old Johnson’s ® Top to Toe wash when I was shopping for the baby.

I have had the opportunity to use other products, so I was very excited to receive a brand that I used from day one. I was more excited to learn about the amazing advancements that have been made to this amazing and trusted brand.

Trust. That’s an important concept for a parent shopping for a product they will be using on their most precious humans.


Parenting can be very overwhelming, so we need to be less stressed about the products we use.


Johnson’s ® recently launched a new range of bathtime products, specifically designed for thin and sensitive skin.

Did you know that your baby’s skin is 30% thinner than yours as an adult? So we really cannot use the same products we use for our skin.


We received:


Johnson's CottonTouch Range

Johnson’s CottonTouch Range

Johnson’s ® Cottontouch ™ 2-in-1 bath & wash

-Gentle on the skin and the eyes.

Johnson’s ® Cottontouch ™  face and body lotion

-It is a water-based lotion that has been clinically proven to moisturize baby’s sensitive skin

Johnson’s ® Cottontouch ™ extra sensitive wipes

Leaves no residue and is free from alcohol and other unwanted ingredients. The wipes are also fragrance-free.

Johnson’s ® Cottontouch ™ Oil 

Free from dyes and is perfect for baby massages


What’s new?


-First and foremost, this range is formulated with REAL cotton. They include cotton fibers and cottonseed oil.


Johnson's CottonTouch Range

Johnson’s CottonTouch Range

According to Johnson’s Senior Scientist Alexandria Dinapoli-Marzano, “during our consumer studies, cotton kept coming up as something people identify with as being gentle, soft and natural,” So Johnson’s took this approach to formulate a cotton-based approach and revolutionized baby products.


They, therefore, used a delicate and soft resource to formulate a wash and lotion meant for delicate and soft skin.


Even their  Johnson’s ® CottonTouch™ wipes are blended with real cotton.


-Their new bath time range is also free from ingredients like alcohol, phthalates sulphates. Why? Johnsons say that they removed ingredients that serve no purpose for the product.


There is a long list of ingredients that Johnson’s move away from when they were reformulating this brand.


-It has a light scent that minimizes the risks of your little one having an allergic reaction.


-It is hypoallergenic and pH balanced.


-Not only has the formulation changed, but the packaging has also been revamped. Their toddler range is bright and colorful and has really cool designs.


The Johnson’s ® CottonTouch ™  newborn range is suitable to use on our little ones from the minute they grace us with their presence until they are 4 going on 40.


The smell


Newborns have, by far, the best smell ever. This is why it is important to use a product that can compensate that smell, without taking it away.


My nanny instantly commented about the amazing smell Tshimo had after we used the wash and the lotion of the first. I concurred.


The smell is not harsh at all, and she smells fresh and clean after a wash.

Johnson's CottonTouch Range

Johnson’s CottonTouch Range