18 March 2017. This is the day our entire lives would change. It’s also the day I felt like an absolute idiot. It’s a funny story actually. I went to my GP  ‘coz I wanted to get on another contraceptive. I left the Depo-vera a few months before because my GP advised me to leave it so that I can get my hormones in balance because they were all over the place, I was on the depo for a couple of years. I started it when I was in UJ to control my periods. The pain was unbearable. So when my GP said we should do a pregnancy test, I confidently consented. Little did I know.

We were pregnant. I  was actually carrying a human life inside of me. She was 7 weeks. I found this out 3 days later on the day we did our first scan.  I was convinced that I was blessed with a man that would stay by me no matter what. His face lit up when he saw that little dot. We stood outside the Dr’s rooms with that picture in absolute awe. We were gonna be parents in 33 weeks! We were trying to let it sink in.

I felt like an idiot because the signs we always there. The morning sickness; I just thought my immune system was just low (nyoko) and I needed some castor oil to sort it out. Why? Cause I’m black. My boobs got slightly bigger; I thought I was gaining some long awaited healthy weight. I missed my period; My period was not regular because I was on birth control for the longest time and I had just left it. The signs were all there, but I ignored them all. I puked after a heavy night of drinking on my birthday after passing out at nine; I never puke, EVER, and I never pass out that early, that baby just kicked back all the alcohol.

Our plans had to change. We had to halt our wedding plans, had to get a bigger car and a bigger house. We had some decisions to make. Some family meetings to conduct. Some habits to cut off and a baby to RAISE.

The more time passed, the more excited we became. Our family was getting bigger. Our beautiful daughter was on her way and we felt more than ready to have her. We thanked God everyday that she chose us. That He thought us worthy to raise a blessing.

The first three months would feel like a punishment for not using protection. Hahaha. Food smelled and tasted horrible. I lived on Mageu. I was constantly tired but still had to work. The following 6 months would be the hardest. A child in utero is sweet but not fun. My body went through the most. From aches and pains, my taste buds changing, my mood swings, bleeding gums, physical discomfort, pregnancy brain, sore feet. The only amazing moments were her kicking. It was so beautiful. The first few times it happened it felt like my stomach was grumbling. Like bubbles were popping.  I had no idea what was happening. I then consulted Dr Google who said its actually her kicking. My midwife confirmed it. Dad wasn’t able to feel it ’till later in the pregnancy. And then….it was time for her to come. Ill tell you all about it in the next post.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me 🙂