I must say, black mothers, are absolutely amazing. Mothers, in general, are incredible human beings, but there is something about black mothers that screams STRENGTH! They made, and continue to make something out of nothing. They make fire from ashes. How do they raise children with nothing but a social grant? They do it with so much grace. My own mother, for example, endured years of abuse, raised us on a domestic’s salary, but still managed to teach us some great values. My husband’s mother, like mine, did not get the opportunity to continue her studies but raised an amazing man that understands the value of education.

Our mothers, though, forget an important thing. It is 2018 hahaha. We have private healthcare and Dr. Google. When the little one (LO)  breathes funny, we consult our midwives, pediatricians or Dr. Google. We receive great advise, besides Google that would most likely tell you that your child’s lung is inflamed and needs to be drained. The pediatrician would advise that you just administer some saline spray.

Our mothers, on the other hand, would suggest some drastic solutions. They would probably suggest that you pour some boiling water in a bucket, place her close to it and cover it with a blanket. She is 2 months old guys. And then they hit us with the classic line; “you grew up on this stuff”.

I’ve been a mom for a little over 2 months and I’m loving every moment of it.  The ups and downs. The sleep deprivation. The adorable reflex smiles we have been getting lately. The yellow poop. The smelly farts. The vomiting. The hand washing. I’ve also received some great and weird unsolicited advice. I’m here to share. Share my motherhood journey and the amazing and sometimes very difficult times that I have as a 25-year-old black mom.

Please share the journey with me 🙂