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My name is Karabo Mokoena and I am a South African Mommy Blogger, Parenting Writer and Content Producer.

Becoming a mother reconnected me to parts of my childhood that I needed to heal from, and here, I share stories about letting go of my conditioning in order to parent my daughters as consciously as possible.

Parenting my daughters has equally been parenting myself. It has required me to practise a sort of self-awareness and mindfulness that I never knew before, understanding that my child is her own person, and I know nothing about being a parent.

We are learning and growing together.

Come share the journey with us.


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Here, I talk about moments in my journey that I think should be shared with others.

I share my story because I know how important and life changing storytelling can be. Let us engage

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I believe that conversations start revolutions. I, therefore, enjoy interacting with different people on different themes of life, parenting and relationships.


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